Inside The Equity Diagnostic You’ll Get

A path to organizational transformation and inclusive excellence.

Our comprehensive 6-week diagnostic assessment is designed for organizations committed to fostering an engaged, inclusive, and sought-after company culture.

Crystal-Clear Clarity

Gain a snapshot of your current employee demographics, beliefs, and experiences with your company. Identify your company's strengths and gaps to pave the way forward.

Actionable Insights

Receive a summary report outlining your top next steps for creating a more inclusive culture. Implement strategies to attract top talent, improve employee engagement, and foster a culture of belonging.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from six weeks of guidance from a Master’s level expert. Ask questions, brainstorm ideas, and navigate your next steps with professional support and insight.

The Process

1. Assess: Robust Data Collection

Understand your current strengths and gaps through a deep dive into your company’s staff demographics, values, and processes.

  • Staff Assessment: Gather data about your employees' demographics and satisfaction levels with your company.
  • Process and Policies Analysis: Analyze your company’s policies, including mission statements, job descriptions, and initiatives, to identify areas for improvement.

2. Next Steps Summary and Presentation

Formulate a summary plan with specific next steps based on the assessment findings.

  • Staff Overview: Receive a report of the collected data to compare against future metrics.
  • 3-Step Action Plan: Get recommendations for next steps with a timeline for implementation.
  • Presentation: Gain a clear understanding of your next steps and how they apply to your company.

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